I am the designer you have been looking for!

I should be featured because I am a great designer that understands how to help people communicate their message through design. I have learned over the years that design goes beyond just trying to be the most creative in the room. It is the ability to take what you have been provided with and making something that looks so amazing that you could not even believe you did it with what you was given.

Designing cannot just focus on the design itself, but the end user of the design. What and how they interact with it and how it makes them feel or not feel. What makes them interact and respond to it. The design is supposed to create a response an interaction an engagement with the person on the other end.

I also understand how to take an idea or thought and build around that and create an entire brand from a logo, website, design collateral, and social media graphics. At the end of the day design it about the interaction and the experience and that is what I cater too.

I believe I would be a good fit to be featured for either as a WordPress Web Designer or Graphic Designer.

Pick me because I live, breathe and eat design!


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